About Us

memorial_burtonWorld War I was thought to be the war to end all wars, but the world never learned the lesson. Since then we have experienced the mass loss of life and suffering in World War II and then endured still more in Korea, Cyprus, Vietnam, Aden, Suez, Falklands, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq etc.

Over the years, many associations representing our service men and women have ceased to exist as memberships drop and the veterans themselves get older. We have seen this happen with the associations representing Dieppe, Dunkirk and more. This is a great loss to our heroes and keeping their memory alive. It is also a great loss in terms of the education of the young and our future generations.

The Association for Veterans of Foreign Wars (AVFW) represents all our ex-service men and women who have ever served in any of the services. Naturally it also includes and honours with pride any who served in any world conflicts commencing with World War II veterans themselves. Operation Overlord, 6th June 1944 was the largest and most well organised invasion known to man, to free Europe from the grip of Nazi tyranny and is never to be forgotten, and like our association was made up of all ranks, from all services, from many nations and of many faiths.

Today, this association can commence from World War II by keeping alive the memory of all who gave their lives in world conflicts. We progress through time by honouring and representing our ex-service men and women from all wars and conflicts and those who gave their time serving in our armed forces. The association is divided into divisions reflecting veterans from all world conflicts.

We cannot allow for any of our ex-service men and women to be forgotten as their various representative associations may sometimes cease to exist. The Association for Veterans of Foreign Wars represents them all.

The Association for Veterans of Foreign Wars is a charitable and benevolent organisation offering fellowship, welfare and providing support to our members during times of need.

We offer trips to places of mutual interest and yearly pilgrimages both at home and abroad, where we take part in various memorial parades and wreath laying.
Monthly meetings are held and we organize various social events throughout the year and we offer educational presentations to schools, cadet associations and other youth groups.

Every year we make generous donations to various charities and worthy causes.

The AVFW is run by a small, but experienced and dedicated team:

  • Terry Burton – President / Trustee
  • Tony Osborne – Vice President / Trustee
  • Kenn Spindlow – Welfare Officer
  • H.W.J. Smith – Treasurer / Trustee
  • Amy Burton – Administration Officer