Category: Veterans

Albert Rogers

Stoker First Class Albert Rogers was in the Royal Navy, and on 6 June 1944 at 6:45 AM he was part of one of the first groups to land on the American Omaha Beach running supplies ship to shore. He

Ron Russell

Ron Russell originates from Blackburn, Lancashire. He volunteered on June 3rd 1943 and entered the Navy by choice. He lied about his age and joined when he was just 17. No documents were requested, they just took him at his

Jim Wilkinson

Jim Wilkinson landed on Sword Beach on June 14th as part of the 6th Battery, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 15th Scottish Division. He made his way from the beaches through Cheux to Hill 112. He was part of a diversionary

Alma Kent

Alma Kent was a Sergeant with the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps in 1939, and later served in the 14th Army Nursing Corps in Burma. She was a Lieutenant when Singapore was overrun by the Japanese in 1942. She

Sydney Bernstein

Sapper Sydney Bernstein, of the Armoured Engineers 81st Assault Squadron, landed on Gold Beach on D-day, aged 27. He was in the first wave to hit the beach with Churchill tanks. A total of 21 tanks landed in two waves,