3rd June 2014 – 10th June 2014 : 70th Anniversary of D-Day

70th Anniversary of D-Day is certainly going to be a most moving occasion. We will be there from June 3rd through to June 10th to take part in various parades, ceremonies and wreath laying to honour the thousands who gave there lives on the Normandy beaches on D-Day and onward.

The amazing thing will be that it can be assessed that the youngest veteran there will be the average age of 91 years old, estimating that they were 19 years old on D-Day itself. So we hope and look forward to seeing how many actual D-Day veterans will be in attendance at such a great age. God bless them all!

If you need further information regarding our pilgrimage do contact us.

One comment on “3rd June 2014 – 10th June 2014 : 70th Anniversary of D-Day
  1. Donald Johnson says:

    My father, now passed away, went into Normandy on D-Day +5 by which time the Mulberry harbours were in place. He was not with a fighting regiment bt with No 6 Army Fire Service equipped with Bedford QL 3 tonners, a trailer fire pump and all their fire fighting equipment and gear on the truck. No 6 and several other AFS units spent quite some time putting out the fires in Caen that had been ignited by the shelling, bombing etc. No 6 AFS made it as far as Brussels. But there was something else about No 6 AFS. I joined the RAMC in June 1956, just missing SUEZ and my first posting after basics was No 19 Coy RAMC at Chester and I soon found that we has our own fire station with No 6 Army Fire Service. My father spent about three hours with the lads and was surprised to see that instead of Bedford QLs the now had bright and shiny red engines.

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