Donations Urgently Needed

As everyone knows, next year – 2014 – is a double commemoration of remembrance. First, it is the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI (1914 – 2014) and there will be many acts of remembrance taking place, especially in Belgium. The other important event will be the 70th anniversary of D-Day (6 June 1944) and it is here we need to raise as much money as possible to give aid to our D-Day veterans to make possible their pilgrimage for the final time to Normandy. Remembering that these heroic veterans will be in their 90s they will need all the support we can give them, including carers to undertake such a pilgrimage to the memorials and cemeteries as possible. So please help all you can and do please pass this message on. Donations can be made on our FundRazr page at

Thank you

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