John Frost

In Loving Memory – 14th October, 2008, aged 88

JohnFrost_thenPTE John Frost was in the 11th Armoured Division of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. At the age of 24, he was part of a highly mobile supply unit of about 70 men. He landed on Juno Beach on D+5 and was sent in as part of a small advance party to bring in urgently needed small supplies.

The Pioneer Corps together with German Prisoners of War had cut through the sand JohnFrost_nowdunes to allow them to get their supplies inland. White ribbon markers paved a way for them through the minefields. Once inland, they dug into some fields and protected themselves and their supplies with camouflage netting, under which they had to wait until August. Once on the move, they eventually crossed the Seine, then into Belgium and finally into Antwerp where they were the first soldiers to liberate the city after the Germans had left. They were met and greeted jubilantly by the population.

John was also part of the liberation forces of Belsen Concentration Camp.

He is now famous for John Frost Newspapers. He started collecting in 1930 with news of the R101 Airship Disaster and now has the largest private collection in the world.

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